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Engineering Advisor

Green Technology and Existing Buildings

In the early ‘80s, a few designers started paying attention to sustainable architecture. Twenty years later, green buildings are mainstream.

Fire Safety

FIRE! Don’t shout it in a crowded theater. However, building occupants are more concerned than ever about fire safety.

Cabling Considerations for Networks and Telecommunications

The condition and appropriateness of the cabling within a building is almost always an afterthought for owners and tenants alike, according to Tom Wales, a Telcom consultant.

Fair Housing Amendments Act

All multifamily buildings placed in service after March 13, 1991 must comply with the provisions of the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) of 1988.

Inspecting for Structural Defects

Recent events have highlighted the engineers' role in determining the structural safety of a building. Just what does an engineer look for to make such a determination? When and why does he do it?

Is My Building Safe?

If two of the tallest buildings in the world can collapse catastrophically in about one hour, can any building be considered safe?

Mold in Buildings

The problem of mold in buildings is one that no building owner or manager can afford to ignore.

The New ASTM Standard for Property Condition Assessments

The ASTM Standard E 2018-99 “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process” has been out for over a year.

Hardboard Siding Woes

The problems associated with hardboard siding have received a lot of press coverage in the past few years.

Seven Ways to Guarantee a Perfect(ly Bad) New Roof

There is an estimated 13.2 billion square feet of commercial roofing in the United States. Most roofs have an average expected life of between 10 and 15 years.