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Engineering Advisor

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are installed next to, behind, or on top of large buildings to remove heat from water used in a chilled water mechanical refrigeration (air conditioning) system.

Capital Reserves

With most capital markets now requiring reserves estimates, the prudent thing to do is develop one in the first place.

Parking Garages

The conditions of a parking garage may seem like an afterthought to some property managers and investors.

Engineering and ROI

Satisficity - a combination of satisfy and suffice - defined as "economical, expedient, and just enough."

Indoor Air Quality - A Maintenance Plan

Even if a regular testing program is not possible, we recommend establishing a baseline against which future results may be compared.

Probable Maximum Loss Studies

Uncertainty grows as the number of buildings a PML is applied to decreases.

Refrigerant Replacement

The use of CFCs is not illegal, misuse is.

Standards and the Property Condition Report

With regard to property condition reports, one size does not fit all.

The Americans with Disabilities Act: An Update

When contemplating the removal of barriers, the concept of "readily achievable" applies.

Soils and Building Stability

Few building problems are as significant and expensive to correct as foundation soil problems.