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The following are comments and testimonials from just a few of our valuable customers:

Criterium Engineers performs comprehensive surveys that identify all key risks and issues, but they do not dwell on ‘phantom’ issues that needlessly impair negotiations. They are deal makers, not deal breakers. They offer single point of contact and excellent uniformity in reporting. They are on most major lenders’ approved vendor lists, which facilitates financing. They are able to perform under the most rigorous time constraints.
H. Jay Wiseman Jr., VP of Acquisitions
Bayer Properties

At Trus Joist™, a Weyerhaeuser Business, we warranty our products for the life of the building. Product application assurance is part of our founding values. We have come to rely on Criterium Engineers Installation Reviews as a key part of providing brand value. Our clients demand quality assurance and because of your large and talented network, we are able to provide just that - and catch the few major problems we might have had early enough to do something about it. Consistent, friendly, and timely service is what we have come to expect and count on.
Wendy Minichiello, General Manager
Trus Joist™

I like to use Criterium Engineers for construction loan monitoring. You understand all phases of the construction process, are fast, reliable, and have offices everywhere.
Pam Westman
Presidential Bank

We have worked with Criterium Engineers numerous times over the years. On one of their first assignments for us, they found a structural problem in a parking garage that another engineering firm missed. Fortunately for us, the problem was found in time for us to have the seller fix the problem. Working with Criterium Engineers has been a very positive experience.
Fred Berliner, Senior Vice President and Director of Acquisitions
United Trust Fund

“Quick, responsive, and client focused - that’s why I use you. Your engineering is solid, but so are some other firms. What you do to stay on top of your accounts is why I keep using your services.”
Joe Stevens, Director
Kimco Realty Corporation