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Facility Management

The condition and use of corporate real estate may be directly linked to mission critical objectives.  Property condition analysis, capital planning, facility maintenance and renewal, and effective utilization of corporate owned real estate are functions that have been tied together in an imperfect marriage of various corporate departments.

Criterium Engineers offers facility condition assessment solutions to the industry to improve the accuracy of critical asset information, create capital budgets, and maximize the long-term use of real estate holdings to improve the corporate bottom line.

The benefits to corporate real estate owners include:

  • Consistent means to gather accurate and impartial condition data across an entire real estate portfolio

  • Qualitative and quantitative data to support facilities management and capital planning decisions in accordance with corporate objectives

  • Centralized database to maintain current condition and cost data

  • Project planning tools for cost-effective maintenance of facilities and purchasing capabilities

  • Streamlined capital budgeting process

  • Logical framework for prioritizing improvements to selected facilities

  • Variable solutions to fit client timeframe and budget requirements