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Other Services

In addition to the core services listed, Criterium Engineers provides general consulting in the areas of:

Physical Needs Assessments (Fannie Mae)
Project Capital Needs Assessments (HUD/FHA) - Criterium Engineers' MAP certified engineers and cost estimators provide fully HUD compliant repors and follow-up consultation.
Mark to Market Property Condition Assessments (HUD) - Criterium Engineers was the first company to perform Property Condition Assessments under HUD's Green Retrofit Program and continues to provide GPCA's to HUD's Office of Affordable Housing.
Façade Integrity Inspections
Probable Maximum Loss Studies
Fire/Life Safety Inspections
Feasibility Studies
Design and Repair Design - Criterium Engineers is a full service engineering company, which means we not only identify problems but design solutions as well.
Pre/Post Blast Damage Inspections
Environmental Testing - Asbestos, Lead in Paint, Lead in Water, Radon, etc.
Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony - Many of our individual engineers have been qualified as expert witnesses in a wide variety of court cases relating to construction defects. Our overall objective, however, is to avoid having to go to court by providing solid and objective advice relative to design and construction claims.